March Update

The February Open House was very successful - 7 new cadets and a new senior member have joined.

Lots of snow during the month of February resulted in cancelled meetings, yet the new recruits worked through the Great Start program with the guidance of C/MSgt Young and C/SSgt Bronson.

13 cadets have promoted in the past two months, including C/SSgt Bronson, C/SSgt Stanbrough and C/SSgt Woo who earned the Wright Brothers Award.

Aerospace education focuses on Module 3 Air Environment this winter and spring. In addition, we are also focusing on Emergency Services. Cadets and senior members will participate in Search and Rescue Exercises in Washington and Oregon.

October Update

  • This month 6 new cadets joined the Gorge Composite Squadron. C/TSgt Ervin, C/SSgt Bickford, C/SSgt Revier and C/SSgt Young lead them through the Great Start Program.

  • In addition, 2 senior members joined.

  • Maj King, TSgt Cole and C/SA King attended the Oregon Wing Conference in Bend on October 5-8.

  • For Aerospace Education, 2nd Lt Garriga and TSgt Cole have been teaching Module 1, Introduction to Flight.

    All the cadets have been stepping up to the challenge and making progress towards promotions.

21 August Unit Meeting

It was a packed meeting today.  To begin, c/SSgt Ervin conducted a uniform inspection and C/SrA Young, C/SrA Revier practiced drill. Several students recited the Oath and took the drill test: all required for the next promotion.  Afterwards, the new cadets took the Ground Handling Course, which is a requirement for Orientation Flights.  

John Thompson and Dan Pierce from the Gorge Rocket Club and Senior Member Scott Elheran led the cadets in building a level one rocket as part of the Titan Phase of the Rocketry badge.  The cadets can launch their rockets with the Gorge Rocket Club on Saturday, August 25 at Parkdale or Saturday September 15 at Wy'east Middle School.  The launches are between 9am-12 noon.  Motors will be provided for two launches.

Next week, cadets who have finished their requirements will be promoted.  At meetings, they have demonstrated mastery of drill, the Oath and taken the physical fitness test.  At home, they need to complete the Leadership Test on e-Services.



07 August Unit Meeting

We have a packed meeting scheduled for this week. After opening formation, we’ll have a short drill session. You’ll have a chance to try the Curry-level drill test and to recite the cadet oath. Then I will lead a short safety lesson for all personnel on preparedness for wildland fires. TSgt Kevin Cole will lead a leadership lesson with all cadets. At the same time, I’ll meet with current and prospective senior members. Later, 2d Lt Revier will give cadets an introduction to the Cyber Patriot program we’ll be starting in the Fall. At the same time, we’ll pull out new members for uniform fitting. Finally, we’ll have closing and celebrate one promotion: C/Amn Maverick Geller.

The cadet call down is as follows:

1900 Opening Formation
1905 Drill C/SSgt Ervin
1915 Safety Maj King
1925 Leadership TSgt Cole
2015 Cyber Patriot Intro 2d Lt Revier
2050 Closing and Promotions
2100 Dismissal

UOD (uniform of the day): Blues. If you don’t have Blues, ABUs. If you don’t have ABUs, civies.


Maj David King, CAP
Gorge Flight Commander

National Emergency Services Academy, Camp Atterbury, Indiana

"We have 23 CAP aircraft and 44 vehicles supporting almost 300 staff and students at the National Emergency Services Academy this week, Civil Air Patrol's largest special activity. The academy is divided into three schools: Mission Aircrew School, Ground Search and Rescue School, and Incident Command School, for which I have a commandant for each of those schools. In these schools, there are more than a dozen different classes taking place.  In addition to the schools, there is also support staff including administration, food service, medical aid, safety, communication, logistics, transportation, and others. It takes many staff to operate the mission and I am blessed with the best staff anywhere. We have people from all over the country and many have returned for 5, 10, 15, and even 20 years of service to thousands of students over the years. Our graduates and staff often talk of the "NESA family" they feel part of. I am very thankful for all of my staff and grateful for the great students that all take time from their summer to advance their skills to better serve their community and nation."
Gary Brockman, Academy Director

From Gorge Flight, C/SA Revier attended Mission Radio Operators course at NESA.  


17 July Unit Meeting

Students who attended the Open House last week, and those who were unable to attend, are encouraged to participate in the meeting tonight.  Cadets must attend 3 meetings before submitting and application to join the Civil Air Patrol: each meeting will help you determine if CAP is right for you.

The ‘Calldown’ for cadets is:

1900 (7pm) Opening Formation
1905 (7:05) Drill
1915 (7:15) Leadership
2005 (8:05) Rocketry
2055 (8:55) Closing
2100 (9:00) Dismissal

UOD (uniform of the day): ABU (Airman Battle Uniform, the USAF utility uniform)

For seniors (adults), Lt Col (lieutenant colonel) Ken Gonzalez, from Portland’s Metro Senior Squadron, will give you an introduction to the CAP senior program.

Summer Open House July 10, 2018

Thank you to everyone who attended the Open House: 14 prospective cadets and 8 prospective seniors.  The evening began with cadets and their parents making and flying walk-along tumbling gliders and putting into practice basic aeronautical principals.  The meeting opened with current cadets leading the group with the traditional opening ceremonies.  Major King shared information about the Civil Air Patrol: Why was it formed? Who can join? What does the Civil Air Patrol do?  Cadets then taught prospective cadets basic drill while Major King answered more parent questions.  The meeting ended with a cadet promotions: C/SSgt Ervin.

In order to join, cadets must attend three meetings before completing the application.  Therefore, we hope to see you all next week!



Summer Encampment

Encampment is a week-long intensive training for cadets. Most cadets attend an encampment within their first year.

This week, two cadets from Gorge Flight are attending encampment. C/SrA (Cadet Senior Airman) Zac Revier is at the California Wing Encampment in San Luis Obispo. C/SrA Charlie Bickford is at the Washington Wing Encampment at Camp Casey.


26 June Unit Meeting

We celebrated promotions tonight. Congratulations to Cadet Senior Airman Charlie Bickford and Cadet Airman Karthik King.



1900    Opening Formation
1905    Promotion Ceremony: C/SrA Charlie Bickford, C/Amn Karthik King
1910     Drill and Ceremonies
1920    Leadership, TSgt Kevin Cole
2010    Character Development, Maj David King
2055    Closing and Announcements
2100    Dismissal

Uniform of the Day: Blues