17 July Unit Meeting

Students who attended the Open House last week, and those who were unable to attend, are encouraged to participate in the meeting tonight.  Cadets must attend 3 meetings before submitting and application to join the Civil Air Patrol: each meeting will help you determine if CAP is right for you.

The ‘Calldown’ for cadets is:

1900 (7pm) Opening Formation
1905 (7:05) Drill
1915 (7:15) Leadership
2005 (8:05) Rocketry
2055 (8:55) Closing
2100 (9:00) Dismissal

UOD (uniform of the day): ABU (Airman Battle Uniform, the USAF utility uniform)

For seniors (adults), Lt Col (lieutenant colonel) Ken Gonzalez, from Portland’s Metro Senior Squadron, will give you an introduction to the CAP senior program.