07 August Unit Meeting

We have a packed meeting scheduled for this week. After opening formation, we’ll have a short drill session. You’ll have a chance to try the Curry-level drill test and to recite the cadet oath. Then I will lead a short safety lesson for all personnel on preparedness for wildland fires. TSgt Kevin Cole will lead a leadership lesson with all cadets. At the same time, I’ll meet with current and prospective senior members. Later, 2d Lt Revier will give cadets an introduction to the Cyber Patriot program we’ll be starting in the Fall. At the same time, we’ll pull out new members for uniform fitting. Finally, we’ll have closing and celebrate one promotion: C/Amn Maverick Geller.

The cadet call down is as follows:

1900 Opening Formation
1905 Drill C/SSgt Ervin
1915 Safety Maj King
1925 Leadership TSgt Cole
2015 Cyber Patriot Intro 2d Lt Revier
2050 Closing and Promotions
2100 Dismissal

UOD (uniform of the day): Blues. If you don’t have Blues, ABUs. If you don’t have ABUs, civies.


Maj David King, CAP
Gorge Flight Commander